Quality EARTHmoving machinery for hire

Sceats Earthmovers Ltd has an excellent selection of excavation equipment available. They include transporters, tip trucks, bulldozers, diggers, tractors, compactors, rollers, graders, rippers and more! You will be impressed by our wide range because they come from the finest manufacturers and are industry recognised for quality and reliability. Call us for our latest hourly hire rates in the Rodney and surrounding areas!

If you have a commercial or residential project that needs the right machinery in the Rodney and surrounding areas, then you need to call Sceats Earthmovers Ltd.

Committed to top results

Sceats Earthmovers Ltd can provide a wide range of services. These include transporting, earthmoving machinery for hire or contract and the provision of supplies - like metal and pipes. We cater to residential and commercial projects of all sizes and capacities.

If you need earthmoving services in the Rodney and surrounding area, we are the team to help. Give us a call today to know more about what we can do for you.


We use our name for our business and we stand behind it at all times.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and track record and we enjoy what we do.

In the past few years, our business has mainly concentrated on forestry. With our top notch excavation machinery range, we carry out roading (new and maintenance to old), skid sites, assist haulers, silt control and meet Auckland Council legislative requirements in forest sites all over North Auckland for Forest Managers. We also carry out residential and commercial subdivisions for big and small companies and carry out private work for farmers and land owners. Give us a call if you need work done in the Rodney and surrounding area today!