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Quality excavation machinery available in the Rodney and surrounding areas

Sceats Earthmovers Ltd are your experienced professionals for excavation machinery throughout the Rodney and surrounding areas
We are a privately owned, local earthmoving and excavation machinery company which first started off as a sole trader almost 30 years ago. We service the Rodney and surrounding areas but are based in Warkworth.

Including the owners, we have up to 7 staff. All our machinery operators have between 30 to 50 years’ experience. We use local reputable contracting firms as subcontractors when the need arises.

Committed to top results

We are a member of the National Road Carriers Inc. and we operate 6 days a week.

It is very important to us that each job is of a high standard and we work closely with the client to ensure their expectations and budgets are met. We also work closely with Auckland Council to ensure all statutory obligations are met.

We have continually added to our fleet over the years and our earthmoving vehicles and equipment currently includes: transporter, tip trucks, bulldozers, scrapers, diggers, tractors, compactor, roller, graders and rippers etc.

These are available for hourly hire or contract rates are available on application. We can also provide free quotes or estimates.

We can provide most types of metal and drainage products through our suppliers.

Why choose us

We use our name for our business and we stand behind it at all times.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and track record and we enjoy what we do.

In the past few years, our business has mainly concentrated on forestry. With our top notch excavation machinery range, we carry out roading (new and maintenance to old), skid sites, assist haulers, silt control and meet Auckland Council legislative requirements in forest sites all over North Auckland for Forest Managers. We also carry out residential and commercial subdivisions for big and small companies and carry out private work for farmers and land owners. Give us a call if you need work done in the Rodney and surrounding area today!

Fields we cater to

We carry out work in the following fields: Agricultural, Forestry, Commercial and Residential. This includes forestry site works, roading, driveways, dams, house/shed sites, small and large subdivisions, land clearing, drainage/culverts, land development/contouring and general land maintenance.
Excavation machinery digging on a work site in the Rodney area
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